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1. Course introduction 

Tuberculosis is a common infectious disease in Vietnam and in the world, caused by tuberculosis bacteria (Mycobacterium tuberculosis). The most common type of tuberculosis is pulmonary tuberculosis. Other types of tuberculosis including: submandibular tuberculosis, tuberculous meningitis, bone tuberculosis. Drug-resistant tuberculosis is currently a burning problem in Vietnam and around the world. Rapid and accurate methods for TB diagnosis are of great importance to public health. In addition to periodic testing techniques, Realtime PCR is one of the most powerful molecular biology techniques, with high sensitivity and specificity and faster turnaround time, providing results within 2 hours. 

The course “TUBERCULOSIS BACTERIA (TB) SCREENING USING REALTIME PCR” is to provide learners with in-depth knowledge and hands-on practice throughout the course. Students will learn about the technology principles, can proficiently perform testing procedures, analyze results and solve problems during the testing process. 

2. Teaching method

  • Team-based learning: encourage critical thinking, creativity, and proactive learning through group discussions, and group presentations
  • On-the-job training: Students observe and practice alongside the lecturers
  • Teaching equipment: A 300 m2 Lab with modern equipment from many well-known manufacturers around the world

3. Course objectives

  • Comprehend the structure, classification, epidemiology, transmission route of tuberculosis bacteria (TB)
  • List some commonly-used tests for TB diagnosis
  • Comprehend the principles of Realtime PCR and its application in TB screening
  • Proficiently perform the sample processing and DNA extraction procedure using different methods
  • Proficiently perform Realtime PCR for TB screening using GeneProof’s kit
  • Comprehend causes and solutions to common errors during the process

4. Syllabus

  • Overview of Tuberculosis. Some common techniques for TB diagnosis
  • Realtime PCR for TB diagnosis. Quality control of Realtime PCR for TB diagnosis
  • Practice DNA extraction using different methods
  • Perform Realtime PCR reaction for TB screening using GeneProof’s kit and analyze results
  • Course summary. Q&A. Certificates awarding ceremony

5. Course information

  • Course Code: TN - 03
  • Subjects: Doctors, bachelors or engineers specialized in testing in healthcare facilities; bachelors of Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry 
  • Training time: 03 days (8 lessons/day) 
  • Number of students: 12 - 16 students per class 
  • Course opening: Open every month upon the number of applications 
  • Registration package:

- 01 Application form of Phacogen Institute of Technology HERE

- 01 notarized copy of university or college diploma  

- 01 notarized copy of identity card or citizen identification