Wednesday, 07/09/2022 | 14:20

Call for registration-Course "Molecular biology techniques - Beginner & Intermediate level"- Class 3

Hanoi Medical University and Phacogen Institute of Technology are calling for registration of Course "Molecular biology techniques - Beginner & Intermediate level"- Class 3

1. Eligible students

Students hold certificate in Medicine, Biology

2. Training objectives

  • Understand the principles of molecular biology laboratory design; the layout of equipment in the Molecular Biology laboratory; test quality control
  • Basic principles of molecular biology techniques such as DNA/RNA extraction, PCR, Realtime PCR, electrophoresis, gene sequencing
  • Prepare chemicals according to the required concentration of the test
    A diagnostic procedure was developed based on the provided documents
  • Implement the process of DNA and RNA extraction of some types of samples
  • Fully implement molecular biology techniques such as: PCR technique, Realtime PCR technique

3. Trainer

Lecturer of Hanoi Medical University and experts of Phacogen Institute of Technology

4. Training time

05 consecutive days, training on-site at Phacogen Institute of Technology

5. Number of students

10-12 students per class

6. Tentative start date

September or October, 2022

7. Tuition

5,400,000 VND per student

8. Course registration instructions

Admission notice of Hanoi Medical University

Application form (hard copy) of Hanoi Medical University

Link to register online


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