Tuesday, 14/02/2023 | 14:40

Webinar: Challenges of antimicrobial resistance and updates on guidelines for bacterial drug resistance diagnosis.

With the participation of Dr. Diệp Thế Tài - Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD, University of Reading, United Kingdom; Expert in Biosafety of the International Federation of Biosafety Associations (IFBA).

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On January 13, 2023, Phacogen Institute organized a webinar on "Challenges of Antibiotic Resistance and Updates on Diagnosis Guidelines for Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria," with the participation of nearly 50 professionals in the field of microbiology from various hospitals, universities, and research institutes in the country.


The webinar was led and presented by Dr. Diệp Thế Tài - Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD at the University of Reading, United Kingdom, who has conducted extensive research on antibiotic resistance.

Dr. Tài provided updates on new strategies for combating antibiotic resistance, focusing on the approach and study of microbial community interactions within the body, rather than studying individual bacterial species in isolation. Additionally, Dr. Tài shared two new rapid diagnostic methods for antibiotic-resistant bacteria: strip tests, which can provide results within 9-12 hours, and an evaluation method for bacterial mobility.


In the future, Phacogen Institute will continue to organize webinars on biomedical knowledge. We kindly invite our valued readers to share topics of interest that we can address and organize future courses based on the needs of the learners.

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