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Call for registration-Course "Application of NGS-Illumina in 16s Metagenomics Analysis"

The course which includes dry lab and web lab sessions, is co-organized by Phacogen Institute of Technology and Lobi Bioinformatics Company.

1. Training time

The course runs for 5 consecutive days. From 8AM-12PM and from 1PM-5PM

The course tentatively starts in August or September, 2022

The opening date will be notified to the students, based on the number of enrollments.

2. Training location

On site at Phacogen Institute of Technology- Floor G2, B4 Kim Lien, Pham Ngoc Thach, Dong Da Dist, Hanoi.

3. What students get

- Instruction in theory and practical skills by lecturers who are PhD students at Radboud University (Netherlands), Kyungpook National University (Korea)

- Practice twice on the samples

- Guidance to analyze the data set after sequencing.

- Analyze data on any operating system. Use a free data analysis account for 1 month

- Receive a certificate upon the course completion.

4. Requirements:


- Hold a Bachelor's Degree or higher in the field of Biomedical Sciences.

- Students, researchers interested in microbial diversity analysis


Students could use laptop to access Lobi's servers. Personal computers do not require too high configuration.

Students will learn on the account provided by the Organizing Committee. This account maintains and provides technical support for 30 days (from the start of the course). Students can continue to practice analysis on their own after the course.

Practice sample

Students prepare their own samples according to the following instructions:

Students define the goal of sample analysis to conduct appropriate collection and extraction of total DNA. Students can refer to the purposes of analysis to prepare the appropriate number of samples according to the following suggestions:

Case 1: Descriptive analysis (describing intestinal microbiota, soil, water...). using 01 sample of total DNA extracted from fecal samples, soil and water as the object of analysis. Total DNA should be extracted according to a procedure appropriate to the type of sample. Trainees record the extraction kit information used.

Case 2: Analysis, evaluation, comparison (for example, assessing the impact of a certain environmental factor on the gut microbiota, soil, water...). Students should use at least 2 samples of total DNA extracted from related samples. For example, if a trainee wants to check the change of soil microbiota after fertilizing, the trainee should collect soil samples collected before fertilizing and 1 collected after fertilizing.

The sample brought to the course is a total DNA sample (be sure to have bacterial DNA). After collecting the sample, students check the quality of the sample and fill in the information HERE

5. Tuition

Tuition fee: 15,000,000 VND/student.

5% discount (equivalent to 750,000 VND discount) for students who pay before September 15, 2022

6. Registration package

- Register online at:

We will contact you with specific instructions for the next steps.

- Students need to prepare one set of documents as follows:

  • Application form DOWNLOAD HERE
  • A notarized professional Diploma
  • A notarized citizen ID card

For more information, please contact:

Phacogen Institute of Technology

Address: Floor G2, B4 Kim Lien, Pham Ngoc Thach Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi

Phone: 07 6600 3200


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